DOT DOT DOT – “Handgun”

DOT DOT DOT will release a new print edition named “Handgun” soon. He is a very famous street artist leaving his mark on walls around Europe and especially Norway, in cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Copenhagen, Berlin, Fuengirola and Malaga. His age and real name are not officially known. DOT DOT DOT’s artwork is on display in several galleries. His art has 1970s pop art references refreshed through modern street art aesthetics.

Print edition sale information: It’s a 65 x 65 cm screen print edition of 25 each colorway (red, pink, blue, grey) available for GBP 250 each. There will also be a gold and silver edition available for GBP 350 each (edition size just 5). All prints will be released on June 10th at 11 AM UK time HERE.